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Radio Clips

Radio & Podcast Interviews

Dan Lucas on?Gwinnett?Business?Radio

07-23-15 Interview
Wela speaks with CREDO Founder and CEO, Dan Lucas, about business finances.

07-21-13 Interview
An interview with Dan on the radio.


06-02-13 Interview
Allen Hunt and Dan review the “Horrors” of the IRS once again.


04-14-13 Interview
Allen Hunt and Dan speak about the IRS, taxes, and the deadline that is coming up to file.


03-17-13 Interview
Allen Hunt and Dan speak more about struggles with the IRS.


03-03-13 Interview
Allen Hunt and Dan speak about struggles with the IRS.


Radio Clips

Dan Lucas briefly explains the Credo experience.

Why do you need good bookkeeping and accounting? Learn why.

Allen Hunt speaks about getting your taxes done right.

Find Out How CREDO Can Exceed Your Expectations.